All Brass Air Flow Speed Control Throttle Valve


  • High temperature and pressure resistant
  • Full brass material
  • High precise control for air flow
  • The flow rate nearly the same on the different pressures at 1/2 turns
  • Small valve design can save the mounting space
  • All sizes have meter-in and exhaust types

Product details

Additional information

Applicable Fluid Type


Working Pressure Range

-14~225 PSI; -0.99~15 Bar

Working Temperature Range

-4~160°F; -15~71℃

Recmmanded Tubings

PA11, PA12, PA6, PE, PU, FEP, PFA

The all brass speed control throttle valve is designed to used for where plastic throttle valve can’t use,  can resistant to high temperature and pressure, can apply to convey system and others.

Once open the speed controller, the air will flow, as adjust the needle more turns, the flow will be bigger.  However, the high precise control for air flow will never increase suddenly. When adjust the needle to 1/2 turns, the flow nearly the same on the different pressures, it is very stable for our valve.

This series has same connect method as one touch fittings, it also called push in flow control valve, elbow type has tube and thread side, tube OD from 4mm to 12mm for metric size, 5/32 to 1/2 for inch size; thread size ranging from M5, M6, 1/8 to 1/2 with R(PT), G(BSPP), NPT thread type. Union type has two tubes end, tube OD is same as elbow one.

  • Resistant to high temperature and pressure
  • Full brass material with VKM seals
  • Can fully close the air flow
  • Easy to control the flow, adjust the needle slowly, the air will release gradually
  • High precise control for the actuators
  • The flow rate nearly the same on the different pressures at 1/2 turns
  • High flow capacity when fully open
  • Easy to install and disassembly


Be attention:

When control the air actuator, adjust the needle from a closed status,  slowly adjust until the actuator move to the required speed, don’t adjust the needle too fast and suddenly.

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