5 Types for Pneumatic Fittings

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About Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic fittings play a vital role in a pneumaticsystem,it creates links between air tubes,hoses and other parts. Compared with Hydraulic fittings, pneumatic fittings have tighter seals and lower pressure requirements.As an indispensable auxiliary part in automatic equipment, there are many types of tube connectors to match different demands. In equipment, different access parts need to use different types of pneumatic tube fittings. The features and functions of each tube fitting also vary widely.

Let’s Learn about Several Pneumatic Connectors.

1. Quick Coupling Connectors

Pneumatic quick coupling connector is the most convenient plug-and-play connection method, especially in some places where air pipe connection is very inconvenient and difficult space; it can better reflect the superiority of push-in connector. When in use, it is only necessary to manually insert the tube into the push-in connector without any additional auxiliary tools, and the whole process can be completed with one hand. And the quick-plug connector also supports repeated plugging and unplugging operations of the tube.

While the push-in connector has many advantages, it also has an obvious disadvantage. The disadvantage is that its seal function is weaker than other types of connector.

2.Push In Fittings

Pneumatic Push in Fittings iscommonly used in the connection of rigid or semi-rigid nylon tubes, plastic tubes and polyurethane tubes,etc.The maximum working pressure is 1.0MPa. This series of pneumatic pipe fittings is easy to plug in and pull out, has the advantages of convenient installation, reliable sealing, strong connection, and small and beautiful appearance,etc.

When in use, insert into a neatly cut tube, and can fix firmly with the lock claw in the fittings, and seal it with an O ring. When removing the pipe, just need to press down the release sleeve. This kind of pneumatic push in fittings has a wide variety and complete specifications, and is widely used in all kinds of air hose.

3.Quick Twist Connectors

The quick twist connector is a precision air pipe joint product, and its joint adopts a compression connection method, which is the most widely used in the field of hose connection. In actual use, it is necessary to align the hose port with the connection port inserted into the quick-twist connector, and then use the connector nut to fasten the connection. The connection of the hose is well sealed.

The quick twist joint is a precision air pipe joint product, and its joint adopts a compression connection method, which is the most widely used in the field of hose connection.

In actual use, it is necessary to first align the hose port to the connection port of the quick-tightening connector, and then use the connector nut to tighten the connection. The purpose is to make the connection between the quick-tightening connector and the hose in a good sealing state by using the extrusion force generated after the connector nut is tightened.

The quick twist connector is similar to the quick coupling connectors. It can also realize fast connection and easy installation. At the same time, the stability and air tightness of the connection of the quick twist connectors are also excellent, which can ensure the normal transmission of industrial gas in the hose without worrying about gas leakage and other problems.

4. Ferrule Fitting(compression Fittings)

The basic principle of pneumatic ferrule fitting is the same as that of hydraulic ferrule joint, which is composed of connector body, ferrule, nut, etc. The ferrule type pipe joint is a new type of pipe connecting element, which is applicable to the pipeline system of oil, gas and general corrosive media, and the working pressure is 16-40PMa.

The ferrule type pipe connector is divided into single ferrule type ferrule connector and double ferrule type ferrule connector.

The single-ferrule ferrule connector consists of three parts: connector body, ferrule and nut. After the ferrule and nut are inserted into the joint body on the steel pipe, when the nut is tightened, the outside of the front end of the ferrule fits with the conical surface of the joint body, and the inner edge evenly bites into the seamless steel pipe to form an effective seal.

The structure and supporting parts of the double-ferrule joint are more complex, and are mainly used for the connection between metal pipes. The installation steps are also more complex. First, insert the metal tube into the bottom of the double-ferrule joint, and then slowly tighten the special nut, so that the ferrule can be tightly pressed at the metal tube port, and finally achieve a good sealing effect.

5. Face Seal and VCR Fittings

The VCR fitting is a kind of surface-sealed gas pipe fittings, and its internal structure is of high precision, and the requirements for the grade of the connecting fittings are also very strict. Its main principle is to use the deformation ability of the metal gasket itself to compress and deform the gasket through the internal and external thread interlocking structure, so as to achieve the required sealing effect.

The cleanliness and tightness of the VCR connector are very good, so it is very suitable for industries such as semiconductors, precision electronic instruments, and medical equipment that require high cleanliness and tightness.

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